In order to keep our book price as low as possible for the benefit of our customer, we are constantly looking for cheaper or free payment options for our customer.

We will immediately process your order after verifying your payment. reserves the right to cancel your order should we do not receive your payment within 3 business days after your order date.

Method 1: Online Bank Transfer or Telegraph Transfer or Bank In


Account No: 562852109986
Account Name: KidPictureBooks Enterprise

Bank Swift Code: MBBEMYKL (required for international bank transfer)

You may make the payment to our Maybank account no. as stated.

After payment is made, please SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat to 012-6630 680 or email to with the following payment details:

1. Payment reference no. (last 6 digit):
2. Your name:
3. Payment amount:

Pay with Maybank

Method 2: Pay with your eWallet

You may pay using your eWallet by scanning National QR code below. You can pay using your Boost, Touch n Go, GrabPay, MAE and many more eWallet to pay by scanning the QR below. 

Please refer to latest supported eWallet and bank QR.

After payment is made, please notify us via SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat to 012-6630 680 or email to with the following payment details:

1. Order No:
2. Sender name:
3. Payment amount:

Method 3: Credit Card Payment

Due to high fees charged by credit card payment, currently, our website does not accept credit card payment. However, if you prefer to pay using credit card, you may visit our store at Shopee.


  • My invoice address and shipping address are different. Will my invoice be sent to my invoice address?

    No. Your invoice (with your invoice address) will be enclosed together in your parcel and shipped to your shipping address. We will send your invoice in soft copy to your email for your reference or printing upon request.