KidPictureBooks Customer Loyalty Program

We rewards our customers with loyalty points for every purchase with us. You will earn 1 loyalty point for each ringgit you spend with us, which translates to additional 1% cash value of your total order amount. 

Purchase Amount Loyalty Points Earned
RM 99.99 99
RM 101.10 101

Your loyalty points will only be made available for transforming to cash vourcher after your order has been shipped and delivered to you, which we will set your order status to Delivered, after your books have reached you. 

Step by step Guide to Convert Loyalty Points to Cash Voucher

1. Login to with your sign up email address and password.

2. After login, click on MY LOYALTY POINTS button

3. Your total loyalty point available to transform into a voucher will be shown. Image below shows 48 points is available to transform to RM0.48 voucher.

You point will be in status “Awaiting validation” should your order is yet to complete. Your loyalty points will be granted upon we change our order status to “Delivered”.

Please note that points will only be available for transforming to cash voucher for orders with “Delivered” status.

4. If you wish to convert your points to cash voucher to be used in your next order, click on Transform my points into a voucher of RMXX.XX button. Voucher created will be listed in MY VOUCHERS FROM LOYALTY POINTS as shown in screen shot below. Your voucher is now ready for use in your next order.

5. Your newly transformed cash voucher be listed in VOUCHERS section in your shopping-cart summary page.

6. To use your cash voucher, click on the voucher code and click OK button. Your total order amount will then be deducted with the cash voucher value you just use.